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Our People

  • Ive been working with Wellington Water for the past three years as the Team lead of the Drainage Investigations Team. Our aim is to to reduce environmental pollution, by investigating any discharge of human waste into the stormwater network, the surrounding waterways and local beaches. We cover the Wellington region and the Sth Wairarapa. We work with the delivery teams to mitigate any public works issues found by our team and engage the public to help mitigate any issues found on private or commercial properties. What I enjoy most about the job is being around like minded people who care for our environment and who continuously work hard to ensure the future for our Tamariki and whanau .

    Joe - Team Lead Drainage Investigations

  • "Kia Ora! As a GIS Developer, I have the privilege of immersing myself in spatial data every day, crafting innovative maps and applications tailored to the diverse needs of our team. Whether it's designing maps on laptops within the office or optimizing mobile solutions for our field staff, I find immense joy in leveraging spatial insights to streamline workflows and enhance productivity. My role extends beyond technical expertise; it's about empowering individuals with smart spatial solutions that amplify their capabilities. Engaging with colleagues across various teams provides me with a dynamic landscape of challenges and opportunities, fostering continuous growth and learning. Within our Digital Products & Services team, collaboration is key. We support each other wholeheartedly, ensuring a vibrant and fulfilling work culture where hard work is balanced with fun. Since joining Wellington Water in its inception back in 2014, I've remained deeply passionate about our mission. Surrounded by dedicated professionals committed to delivering top-notch water services to the Wellington Region, I feel fortunate to be part of such a driven and impactful community."

    Chrissy - Senior GIS Developer

  • As part of my job, I work to find and resolve sewage overflows. This helps keep our communities healthy. I work in a very supportive team to identify what causes the problems and suggest solutions. Our findings help determine what investments and projects are needed for the long-term health of the system. I am dedicated to tackling the complex challenges involved in maintaining and enhancing our sewerage systems. By working collaboratively with multiple teams, I am constantly learning about innovative solutions and ensuring that these critical systems operate smoothly for years to come. I am enthusiastic about learning and contributing to innovative and challenging water projects in the region, that Wellington Water delivers. Working in the water sector is significant to me as it plays a crucial role in our community and environment. With the increasing concern over water scarcity, it is imperative to think outside the box and come up with better solutions for managing this important resource. Other reasons why I work at Wellington Water include: Access to presentations about innovative projects across the country and overseas. A collaborative environment and access wide range of experts in different fields, allow you to learn and seek advice about your ideas. The embracement of new technologies to improve how we manage our network is well supported. Comradery across the business units to celebrate diversity, successes and support in tough times.

    Sandro - Senior Engineer, Network Engineering

  • In my role as a Technical SharePoint Administrator I am managing, configuring, and optimizing SharePoint environments. Designing and implementing solutions that enhance collaboration, document management, and workflow efficiency. Perform troubleshooting and resolving issues, adept at collaborating with cross-functional teams to analyse requirements and tailor SharePoint solutions to meet organizational needs. Interesting part in my role is the opportunity to dabble around different areas of water services, understanding the importance of the business towards the community as well as connecting with different user groups within the business. Wellington Water have a comfortable working culture, where open conversation is practiced, and everyone is very welcoming.

    Adrian - Technical SharePoint Administrator

  • I am a Serviceperson in the stormwater and wastewater team (Pomare). There is always a variety of tasks to do. I had a career change and wanted to spend more time working outdoors. After a few years at WW I have completed my L3 Connexis Infrastructure Training and working towards my L4 Connexis Training. Since working for WW I have gained skills to operate digger and use a loader plus so much more. Days can be challenging and rewarding when out in the field no day is the same. The 3 main things I enjoy about my job at WW is the teamwork, the variety of work and its challenging

    Shannon - Serviceperson

  • I manage the Resolution Team and we deal in a wide range of tasks and a typical day will see me work with councils, customers, engineers and insurers. Our team deal primarily in 3 main area’s: 1. Provide information to Wellington Water’s stakeholders about incidents like water outages and bursts. 2. Case Manage complex customer issues and inquiries toward a resolution. 3. If we, contractors, or the public ever hit council pipes, we work through the claims process and reimbursing the correct people. The variety is one of the enjoyable factors of the role, no two days are the same! You could be in the office on your laptop one day, and then out on-site the next day helping support the community navigate through a water incident. Working here has opened up my eyes to the complexities of water. Before this role, I’d just turn the tap on for a glass of water. I now have an appreciation for the work that goes into maintaining the water network and the journey that water takes to get to my tap! There is a massive overhaul and reinvestment into the country’s water infrastructure so it’s an exciting time to be part of the water industry! If you’re looking for a career that serves the community, is experiencing a surge in growth and works with the latest engineering technology, then working for WWL is a place for you!

    Ropeti - Customer Information and Resolutions Lead

  • I have had the joy of being a Water Resource Engineer for 17 years and counting. My current role sits within the Network Engineering team. Our team helps to look after all of the drinking water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants, reservoirs, pump stations, intakes, and dams across our network (or what I refer to as the dots on the map). My day-to-day activities vary widely, which I love. My main tasks are looking after the incredible Facilities team (I may be biased, but that’s ok), helping with projects at varying stages, and collaborating with other departments on concerns, upcoming items, and long-term planning. I believe strongly in the importance of what we do and love that I get to be a part of looking after our infrastructure and environment now and into the future.

    Kacey - Facilities Team Lead

  • As a Design Lead my time each day is apportioned between project delivery and managing and developing my team. At times I am asked for technical advice by other areas of the business and I continue to be involved in delivering CAPEX renewals, which may include detailed design, project management, contract management or construction monitoring. I appreciate working alongside my team; we are a diverse yet close-knit group of individuals who balance professionalism and competence with a gentle sense of fun. Design is my first love and I enjoy finding fresh approaches to technical challenges where obvious or typical solutions are not available. Wellington Water’s core values resonate with my personal philosophies of care, respect and resourcefulness. Water is a good sector in which to forge an engineering career and a variety of paths are available at Wellington Water from purely technical or project management to people management or combination roles like my current one. At the end of the day it is rewarding knowing that I am part of providing a vital service to the community.

    Jonathan - Design Lead, Engineering

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